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FACTORYHOOD Shanxi Operation Center (SOC), registration completed and scheduled FACTORYHOOD chemical block train operation will be started!

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FACTORYHOOD Shanxi Operation Center (SOC), registration completed and operation started!

On Aug 20th, 2021, Shanxi Operation Center (BOC) of FACTORYHOOD Chemical Industry Platform completed its business registration in Taiyuan Shanxi and officially started operation. Core businesses of  FACTORYHOOD SOC are to manage operation of factoryhood.com/factoryhood.cn and develop markets as well. 

Together with its strategic partners, FACTORYHOOD SOC is building up chemicals e-commerce trade channels between China & Europe, aiming to bring both chemical markets interconnected closely with modern railway system.  


The scheduled Factoryhood chemical block train system between China and Europe will be launched from Sep 2021, more info will be announced shortly.