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President of Factoryhood gives a speech in the 2nd Sino-German Intermodal Transport Forum

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President of Factoryhood gives a speech in the 2nd Sino-German Intermodal Transport Forum


Dec 10, 2019 by Factoryhood


On the 10th of Dec 2019, President of Factoryhood, Mr. Zhao Dayang, gives a speech in the 2nd Sino-German Intermodal Transport Forum. Mr.Zhao Dayang talked about the complementarity in chemical value chain and the tremendous potential of the economic ties between China and Europe chemical markets.

In the speech, he also urged for awareness and attention from the authority and ChinaRail on the necessity and importance of transporting chemical goods by railway for international trade purpose, not only for the better efficiency on connecting the two largest chemical markets (China and Europe), but also for the improvements of risk management on overall transportation of dangerous goods.

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