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FACTORYHOOD Sino-EU chemical cargo railway operation hub established in Xinjiang Korla!

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Mar 24th, 2022, Sino-EU chemical cargo railway operation hub of FACTORYHOOD Industrial Platform established in Korla City of Xinjiang automatous region, a signing and celebration ceremony was held in Korla city with the presence of Korla pollical leaders, as well as the major chemical companies in Xinjiang, including BASF-Markor, Zhongtai Group, PetroChina Xinjiang.


Korla had homed one large German chemical investment since 2013 and provided adequate local political and resources support to ensure its rapid growth of such German establishment in Korla since then. Beside the knowledge and capability of catering European investment, Korla has also great advantages as being the geographic communication hub connecting China main land and other western countries by railway system, Korla’s abundant oil and gas reserves is meanwhile making the city a new center of the chemical industry in China. 



The entering of the new FACTORYHOOD digital economy into the heart of ancient Silk Road area must certainly open up a new chapter for chemical industry and unlock tremendous business potential for exploration.

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The first Korla chemical block train, organized by Factoryhood and its European partners, is planned on May 2022, then to be operated on a monthly basis, between China/Korla and Europe, please visit Factoryhood webpage for further information and service booking.