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Factoryhood Korla Hub in Operation and First Korla Westbound Chemical Train Ready for Departure on 10th of June

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The establishment of the Korla hub is completed with the great support from local Korla government and Cosco China, the Korla Hub consists of TWO major networks, One is the Factoryhood e-commerce platform focusing on the intercontinental chemical trade; The other network is the railway cross-border transportation service network with the specialized skills and expertise dedicated for chemical industry.


The first Korla train had attracted great attention and contribution from the chemical industry in China, the train will certainly carry the passion and ambitions of Factoryhood towards European market. The main operators of Korla hub are Factoryhood, Cosco and Korla government, The first Korla chemical train is ready to depart on 10th June, cargos are being mobilized towards Korla hub at this moment, the freight train route will be Qingdao – Korla Hub - Mannheim/Duisburg in Germany. 

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Regular and scheduled Factoryhood chemical freight trains between China and Europe will come into service since July, DG cargos will also be included into the service scope of Factoryhood Korla Hub from 2023. please visit Factoryhood webpage for further train timetable information and service booking.