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FACTORYHOOD Mixed Loaded Chemical Block Train Departed to Europe!

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Factoryhood B2B Platform departed its first mixed loaded chemical block train from Korla towards Poland on 1st of Sep, thanks to the great support from Korla government and ChinaRail Urumqi during the pandemic lockdown period in Korla, the block train loaded with 52 iso tanks of liquid chemical product and 18x40’ containers now is on its way towards Europe.


This is the first mix-loaded train departed from Factoryhood Korla Hub since the establishment of this chemical railway base in Q2 2022 in the gateway city of China, regular chemical trains will be operated between China and Europe to effectively connect the two large chemical markets via Korla Hub.


Cosco Group and VTG Group are the two strong partners in this Korla train operation, the combination of the strength and knowledge within such strategic partnership will certainly generate greater value and robust support to the customers in our chemical industry.


“We have realized the liquid and solid mix-loading for chemical cargos in our Korla railway hub and our next target in this project is to gradually open up the DG cargo segment, to ensure Factoryhood Korla hub is able to handle and provide railway services to cover the full list of chemical products, including the Li battery product…”, said by Zhao Dayang of Factoryhood Platform during the departure of the train on 1st of Sep. 

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