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President of Factoryhood gives a speech in CIFTIS

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September 9, 2020



Mr. Zhao Dayang, CEO of Factoryhood platform, was invited for a speech in China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), Mr. Zhao delivered the following key messages to the audiences from his perspectives,



1)  Globalization is the apodeictic result of the development of modern technologies, the modern financial and logistics technologies make the free flow of the resources and capital possible on the global level, thus naturally they will move to the most favorable position on its own momentum

2)  Factoryhood is dedicated to develop an effective SMART industrial platform to connect China and European chemical markets via modern freight train system, which will certainly activate the Sino-Europe chemical trade and burst the tremendous potential of the cross-border chemical business along the “One Road One Belt” corridor.

3)  The nature of chemical products makes it very suitable for train transportation for cross-border business, the higher level of safety and efficiency gives more credits over ocean shipping, brighter future and growth of Sino-Europe chemical business will certainly be expected!