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Liquid chemical in iso tanks delivered by Factoryhood from Germany to China

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A nice ceremony was held on 17th June 2021 in Lanzhou China, for the arrival of the liquid chemical products in Iso-tanks from Germany, together with Lanzhou government and our partners.


An NEW intermodal train between Europe and China via Lanzhou with a customized service for the chemical industry. A NEW Landbridge China product planned and coordinated by Hupac Group and its strategic partner FACTORYHOOD.COM e-commerce platform. Together with VTG AG and China Rail, we open up the cross-border liquid cargo business as ONE team for the European chemical industry in China. 


Again, Factoryhood is in full operation to connect the chemical industry of China and Europe, we are adding more and more chemical names into the service scope of ChinaRail.  We bring every chemical business to the center of the world!